ABC Stores Rattled As Walmart Opens Hot New EGW / Veggie Cheese Aisles

Wikipedia Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license – by Walmart Corporate

ADVENTIST WORLD – The Adventist Book Center chain is officially under siege after an announcement from Walmart that the retail giant is not just going to stand by and let someone else cash in on the ultra-lucrative sale of EGW books, veggie cheese and weird bookmarks.

Walmart will open Adventist aisles in each of its stores by the end of the year and is determined to undercut ABC stores on everything from Pathfinder regalia to Heritage Singers CDs.

Baptized Adventists will be entitled to 7% off selected products if they present their baptismal certificates at checkouts.

George Knight books will be displayed in glass cases. Would-be buyers will need to call for assistance to gain access to the volumes. Michigan-based stores simply won’t stock them.


Prepare to be surprised by AT1, a new, grace-focused gathering for Adventists


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  1. Joe

    On the Walmart thing, I suppose we’d have to present some sort of Baptismal Certificate for the 7% discount – I don’t know if I ever got one & it would be ‘gone’ by now – 60 years later –

  2. Richard Mills

    My local WalMart sells haystacks. Must ok to go in on Sabbath after church and have my Sabbath lunch. See ya there!! I’ll be in the back un-noticed. Hey, did I just see my head Elder at the counter? Make believe we don’t see each other!

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