Youth Pastor fired for justifying Sabbath snorkeling as “aquatic nature walk”


GLENDALE, Calif — A Youth Pastor in Southern California has been fired after taking his church teens snorkeling on Sabbath afternoon.

“Traditionally, we Adventists can only wade on Sabbath, going in no deeper than our knees,” George Lagos admitted. “But I got tired of my church’s teens whining and asking why they couldn’t just swim.”

Lagos thought he had solved the problem by asking his teens to look for and identify fish and other aquatic life while swimming. He claimed that this made the activity an “aquatic nature walk.”

“I know there’s not much chance of finding anything like that in the swimming pool we used,” said Lagos, “but at least I was reminding them of what Sabbath afternoon activities should be about.” ‚Äč

His logic did not hold up with his church board. Lagos was handed a pink slip along with a church manual with pre-underlined sections on Sabbathkeeping.

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  1. If George had labeled his Sabbath activity as a Pathfinder Honor, there would be no problem. It’s classified as a Nature Honor. Go look it up!!
    The Conference should be ashamed of firing a guy leading the kids in a nature underwater hike!. Send me out there and I’ll straighten that church fast!

  2. Healesville Joel

    “Six days shall though labour and do all THY WORKs …”Got home one sabbath to find my 12 year old daughter tending her plants after church service in the garden.
    She replied in response the the above text that -:”I get up, eat breakfast, wash and go to school everyday from Monday to Friday, followed by homework after school. That’s my WORK definition so tending my plants on sabbath is not work”.

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