Sanders Unveils Plan To Double Tithe On Wealthiest Adventists

Change in the air?

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has unveiled plans to double tithing rates on Adventists that “can afford to wear Rolex watches as non-jewelry on Sabbath morning.”

The senator from Vermont said that it was about time that privileged Adventists step up to the plate and do their part to beef up anemic missions budgets instead of critiquing the earrings someone else got from the dollar store.

“There’s something wrong with Adventism when the denomination is having to close academies and recall missionaries while members drive cars worth an entire mortgage to church,” said Sanders.


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  1. Marcy

    This is nothing new. In 1901 Ellen White published a pamphlet calling on all to give a second tithe and many rich and poor who are third or forth generation Seventh-day Adventists still give a second tithe now.

  2. Richard Mills

    We live in a different time than the beginning of the20th century. Times are now tough. The economy is good. Unemployment is low. Everybody shops at WalMart. Lots of SDA’s can’t or won’t send the kids to church schools-cost too much. For many its even tougher just to pay a single tithe. Other bills & priorities come first. Car insurance, mortgage, credit card payments, eating out at Starbucks or Olive Garden, etc. Is it on the net or the gross? Far too many variables in 2019 on tithe paying.

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