Report: High-Pressure Altar Calls Way Harder On Zoom

ADVENTIST WORLD — According to a report in the magazine Anyone Else?, high-pressure altar calls have taken a serious hit during the coronavirus crisis.

Evangelists used to telling packed, captive audiences there is “still plenty of room up front” have lost the ability to hold a crowd hostage for an extra half hour.

“People just log off the Zoom call if we keep the appeal going with over three renditions of “I Surrender All,” said Pastor Stan Mina. “We’ve got to get creative here or everlasting altar calls could be gone forever.”

Mina told Anyone Else? that social distancing “is the worst thing for quality altar calls since cell phones.”

He concluded his thoughts with a plea for Zoom to add a “bringing in the sheaves” function.


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  1. Richard Mills

    Maybe SDA pastors need to get creative. Like one RC church I read. The priest is using one of those gigantic water guns to baptize or give you
    holy water. If it works. let’s use it!! MAGA-Make Adventism Great Again.
    Virtual Baptism-dunk yourself in a neighbor’s pool on Zoom.

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