New hot air ballooning program draws hundreds of transfer students to PUC this spring

Hot air balloon sightings are now a daily occurrence above PUC’s campus…

ANGWIN, Calif. — A hot air ballooning degree program launched this school year at Pacific Union College has already drawn over 200 transfer students to the school this Spring Quarter. PUC launched the program this fall with a “Sky’s the Limit” marketing campaign that immediately caught the attention of undeclared Adventist college students across America.

The new ballooning major proved so popular that PUC students pursuing degrees ranging from the humanities to theology were crowding into their academic advisors’ offices in a desperate bid to switch to ballooning before wasting time any further time in less promising fields.

“All it took was three Organic Chemistry classes spent watching my friends floating outside the classroom window for me to abandon any desire to go to Loma Linda,” said Casey Kim, recounting her journey from pre-med to ballooning. “One day I’ll tell my parents.”

“We weren’t expecting this kind of a response,” said ballooning instructor Max Floater who says that his class sizes this spring are double that of any group he taught before Christmas. “Several Adventist institutions offer your run-of-the-mill aviation courses but we at PUC are big on hot air.”

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  1. Richard Mills

    What is the source of the “hot air” to fill said balloons? Might is be from the dry lectures of the faculty? Could be a future Pathfinder Honor!! SIgn me up. Woe is me!!

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