Name Of Orienteering Pathfinder Honor Changed To “Use GPS”

Sign of the times.

SILVER SPRING, Md. — The Orienteering Pathfinder honor that used to involve a bunch of complicated wilderness compass and map reading, has now been updated.

The new honor is called “Use GPS” and simply recommends Pathfinders “push the on button on their Garmin devices.”

The GC Pathfinder Department made the decision after way too many Pathfinder leaders complained about their club members getting lost in the woods while trying to earn the Orienteering honor at Oshkosh last summer.

“There’s no point putting our Pathfinders through all this antiquated way-finding when modern tech holds the answer,” said a department Facebook update announcing the change to the honor and a new Pathfinder honor in GC Session Paper Ballot Counting.


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  1. Marcy

    I say that this is no joke, but a real parable of how the church as a whole has become hopelessly lost. We live in a rural area, where many road signs have been stolen and the county has pretty much given up replacing them, but the people who have traveled the roads for years, know their way around. When people use GPS to find the way to some rural home, many times they become lost and stuck in some cow pasture out in the middle of nowhere.
    I believe that is what has happened to the church today. There is One Who has traveled the road to heaven many years ago and He promised to lead the church with clear instruction and Headship.
    The church was not satisfied with the Head, so they invented the human GPS of male headship. Now they have become hopelessly lost, stuck in some spiritual cow manure, all because of a head transplant. Now they have become multi-headed beast like the ones we read about in prophecy. Every multi-headed beast we read about in prophecy gets destroyed, no exceptions. I would advise all who are mixed up in a multi-headed church to flee to the refuge of the free churches, that have only One Head.

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