In dramatic U-turn Carson accepts role as US Secretary of Energy

Great fit.
Great fit.

New York, N.Y. — Adventist former GOP candidate for president Ben Carson has accepted a position in President-Elect Donald Trump’s administration. The former neurosurgeon was confirmed as the incoming United States Secretary of Energy in a press release from Trump Tower this morning.

The news came as a suprise as Carson had only recently said he was not interested in a role in Trump’s cabinet.

Analysts were very quick to pounce on the fact that Trump had frequently accused Carson of being “low-energy” when the two were fellow candidates during the GOP primary.

Trump spokesperson Terry Fick told reporters that Trump’s offering Carson the role of Energy Secretary was evidence that he now sees Carson an “extremely high energy” part of his team.

“In President-Elect Trump’s opinion, Dr. Carson may as well have been the Red Bull mascot before taking this role,” said Fick.

“How an Adventist without access to coffee has pulled off such a dramatic transformation in less than a year is beyond me.”

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