Hot Mug Shot Guy to attend PUC on full-ride scholarship

The new face of PUC
The new face of PUC

ANGWIN, Calif. — ‘Hot Mug Shot Guy’ Jeremy Meeks is out of prison and starting afresh as a newly-enrolled student at Pacific Union College. Meeks accepted a full-ride scholarship to the Northern California school where he plans to major in Photography.

Meeks achieved international notoriety in June 2014 after being arrested and having his mugshot posted on the Stockton, California police department’s website. The picture went viral as millions were awestruck by his good looks.

“We are big believers in second chances around here,” said PUC spokesperson Lägg Av. “Jeremy has paid his debt to society and we believe he deserves to get a world-class education without having to go into any financial debt.”

As part of the scholarship terms, Meeks has agreed to feature on PUC’s promotional material as the new face of PUC’s student body.

Meeks said he looks forward to starting classes at PUC in the fall and expects to have no problem with the rules of the Seventh-day Adventist institution since, as a mature student, he will be living in off-campus housing “at some place called Elmshaven.”


Single, separated, divorced and widowed Adventists who want to change that status wanted.


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  1. 7Upper

    Napa Valley Wine Institute is the secret scholarship provider as a step in its PUC acquisition goal to take create Pacific Wine College (PWC). Meeks mug shot is temporary to be replaced by a glass of locally produced red wine.

  2. richard mills

    What a role model for our pure, unadulterated, angelic SDA Youth! Why not sign up this mug for the Pathfinder Oshkosh Camporee! What is his rap sheet? Look at the gang tattoos on his body. Disgusting! I forbid it! I will not pay any of my tithe to PUC, I mean PUKE. Man looks on the outward but God looks at the heart. This guy has no heart. Give it up. Put his mug on the Little Debbies and see what happens!! Woe iz me.

  3. richard mills

    Hey, PR & 7Up- You hurt my very sensitive feelings. I’m gonna go home and cry on my pillow. I feel like that Sad Sack cartoon guy. Gimme a break!! When I wake up, I’m gonna throw darts at that ugly pix of Meeks. Yucky!!

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