George Lucas to do ‘Record Keeper’ reboot called ‘The Account Administrator’

Fingers crossed this works...
Fingers crossed this works…

MARIN COUNTY, Calif. — George Lucas is coming out of retirement to create a reboot of canceled Adventist steampunk web series “The Record Keeper.”

Lucas will reveal his plans at the NAD-sponsored Adventist film festival SONscreen.

Although he admitted that he had never been to SONscreen before, Lucas said that he had heard the event was “kind of like Sundance for people that can’t dance.”

He calls the project a “classic good vs. evil space fantasy story” based on a book called “The Great Controversy” that someone had sent him in the mail.

He plans to rename the series. His new title is “The Account Administrator.”

In a nod to how video distribution is still done in parts of what Lucas called “the weird and wonderful Adventist alternative reality,” Lucas said that he was going old school and would distribute the film via VHS tapes that would be mailed around the country.

In deciding to film “The Account Administrator,” Lucas did his homework and reviewed every Adventist attempt at dramatized TV or film.

“It didn’t take long because they really haven’t done much,” said Lucas.

“The only non-embarrassment the Adventists have put out is ‘The Record Keeper,'” he said. “Only they never really put it out. It looks like they yanked it because it was too good.”

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  1. Luke Skyscraper

    This is a total lie. Deception to mislead anyone gullible enough to believe this fiction. Wait until George Lucas sues you for libel and false light. You’re also making your denomination look foolish in the eyes of other Christians. I enjoy humor as much as the next guy, but this is not comedy; it is misrepresentation and dishonesty.

  2. Richard mills

    Lucas & me will be co.producing a documentary about EGW &other train wreck near Jackson, Mich. This will be a blockbuster. Only GC employees will be used as actors. I collect the royalties.

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