GC challenges One Project leaders to prove Adventism by reciting Pathfinder Pledge & Law from memory

The Pathfinders strong...
The Pathfinders strong…

SILVER SPRING, Md. — General Conference administrators have issued a strongly-worded statement challenging One Project leaders to prove their Adventist identities by flawlessly reciting the Pathfinder Pledge and Law from memory.

To prove they are legit, One Project leaders will be called one-by-one before a panel of stern-faced, uncompromising Master Guide drill sergeants to recite the Pathfinder Pledge and Law in the GC auditorium. If they can carry a tune, they will be required to sing the Pathfinder song.

The GC said that the One Project team members also must confess exactly how far they got in Pathfinders and will be subjected to random trivia questions from the cat, advanced knot-tying and orienteering honors.

For extra credit, the GC statement said that One Project leaders could prove “Super Adventist” status by bringing Special K Loaf casseroles for the Master Guides to sample.

The GC warned One Project leaders that if they fail the pledge and law recitation test they would automatically be deported to Australia for a good decade.

In the event that a One Project leader who already lives in Australia fails the test, he or she will face even harsher punishment: banishment to New Zealand.

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  1. Scott Bennett

    I think they should be asked to give their lives for the kids. You know, put themselves between an angry grizzly and their troops. After all, that’s what Jesus would have done! . . . I think

  2. richeerich

    Make these wanna bees camp out with the Pathfinders & Adventurers at the next Oshkosh Camporee. Live off the land. Walk to every event. No golf carts. Tie a few knots like Desmond Doss did. Go fly a kite! Eat biscuits off a burning stick. Even dig a latrine if necessary. Also, they should earn the Little Debbie Honor-memorize the ingredients, eat a dozen of oatmeal cookies in 30 seconds or less, visit the day old store in Collegedale and purchase at least $10.00 worth of merchandise-no two alike! All I want for Christmas is my Little Debbies!!

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