Derek Morris fired for not getting through entire week of lesson studies

Let this be a lesson to you...
Let this be a lesson to you…

SILVER SPRING, Md. — Hope Channel President Pastor Derek Morris has been fired from his position after failing to get through the entire week of lesson studies on his Hope Sabbath School program.

The most recent episode features Morris teaching the weekly Adventist Sabbath School lesson to a studio audience class and becoming uncharacteristically distracted by trick questions, back-row chatter and note-passing from rowdy new class members.

The veteran preacher and theology professor, who usually covers each week’s subject matter thoroughly, was thrown off his talking points and was caught on tape at the end of the session admitting that “we got a little carried away there and only got as far as Wednesday.”

In a written statement, General Conference administrators pushed back on protests from Hope Channel viewers that firing Morris was too harsh a punishment for getting distracted:

“Derek was a college professor for years. How he allowed himself to get sidetracked like that is beyond us.”

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  1. Kaleb

    I am just SMH. I’d like to see the GC administrators teach the lesson too. I know very few that can get thru the lesson study and still have time for interaction with a class. If they can do that, it is obvious the Holy Spirit has no say in the class either.

  2. They can’t fire me. I complete the lesson each & every week. I follow the plan, I mean orders from the SS headquarters. That’s Sabbath School, not Secret Service or the SS of WWII. I use 6 minutes for each day. 6×7=42 minutes of interaction, dialog, discussion, back & forth, tit for tat, etc. I actually memorize Morris’ format weekly. Like Dr. Carson says, “It’s a no brainer!!”

    1. Loman. Reile

      I love pastor. Derrick. The uplty class
      Better be. CarefiUl. They can be fired
      So who cares ifthey dont finish. The
      Lesson its always. Enlightning. Shame
      On. These people. Shame shame.
      Evillness. Better rethink. Your stupid

  3. Patricia Miller

    I am ashamed of the person who did something like this to Pastor Morris.sometimes i wish i wasn’t an Adventist because of some of. you and your behavior shame on you.Sis. Miller.

  4. Ivy

    So disappointed! Derek Morris encourages my faith so very much! The Lord has been using him to bring souls into the kingdom. May the Lord continue to use Derek Morris, a blessing in His kingdom, and may He help these “decision-makers.”

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