Confused Adventist thinks seeking the lost means finding Waldo


HONOLULU, Hawaii — Since his pastor encouraged the congregation to seek the lost last Sabbath, over earnest Adventist Skru Messinge has purchased three Waldo books at his local Barnes & Noble.

Although he has found a few of the Waldos, Messinge is frustrated at his lack of progress and the extremely busy, confusing world in which Waldo has gone astray on every page of his purchases.

“I guess I haven’t found the part in the Bible where Jesus talks about Waldo,” admitted a rueful Messinge who in moments of self-awareness has confessed to being somewhere on the color blindness spectrum.

“I keep opening up my Bible to different places hoping to find clues on how to find him but I haven’t got a clue,” said Messinge who made a mental note to scour Ellen White’s writings next.

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