Adventist leaders pledge to grow out their eyebrows in remembrance of Billy Graham

Our favorite Evangelical
Our favorite Evangelical

Adventist World — In honor of Billy Graham’s passing, General Conference officials have modified a contest among world leaders of the Adventist denomination. The leaders were originally racing to grow the largest beard ahead of an Adventist history-themed Annual Council 2018 slated to take place in Battle Creek, Michigan. The leaders are now racing to grow out their eyebrows in remembrance of veteran evangelist Billy Graham who passed away today.

“From his simple, compelling messages to his sincerity and utterly compelling altar calls there’s little doubt that Billy Graham will be remembered as the greatest evangelist of the 20th century,” said a statement from the General Conference Department of Admissions. “And his eyebrows were absolutely arresting.”

The GC has launched a competition for the church leader who can grow the fullest set of eyebrows by Annual Council 2018.

The winner of the Billy Graham Bushy Brow competition will be awarded an honorary doctorate in homiletics from the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University.

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  1. richeerich

    We all know that Billy Graham would have made a great SDA & Evangelist. Emelio Kneckle tried his best. Graham did not believe in the 2330 days. He did not believe in the 3 angels messages. He did not believe in the health message. He did nor believe death as a sleep.. He did not believe in the Sanctuary message. He read the SOP books but did not believe them. And maybe a few more . The above fits a lot of present SDA’s and some pastors. We got our priorities all mixed up. we may be surprised in the Judgement!!

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