Adventist Fitbit tells Facebook if you went swimming on Sabbath


ADVENTIST WORLD — A new Fitbit, desiged specifically for Adventists has been engineered to post automatic notices to your Facebook wall if it detects that you are swimming on Sabbath.

The Adventbit is the first Fitbit model designed for a specific denomination and was commissioned by the GC to enourage “Social media-powered Sabbath keeping accountability.”

The Adventbit will be distributed to Adventists with their church bulletins next Sabbath. All members will be required to wear the devices during Sabbath hours.

In addition to letting your online social networks know if you swim on Sabbath, the Adventbit will tell Facebook exactly how much of Sabbath you spent napping and will geotag your snoozing if it happens to be taking place in the middle of a sermon.

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One comment

  1. richeerich

    This FitBit thing can also tell if you went into a fast-food joint and ingested a food that is banned by the SDA church. More & more SDA ‘s should be required to wear it. Maybe part of the baptismal service, all candidates will be required to put it on. PS. Cannot detect if you eat lots of Little Debbies. Need a different application for that.

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