Slide Show: 14 ways to party like an Adventist

14.) The GC session

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The mother of all meetings. Thousands of Adventists from around the world meeting and mingling. The teens still roam the hallways and lobbies during the sermon, though. (Photo via

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  1. Convocation–what sermon?
    Gym sleepovers–what could possibly go wrong? Their teachers are sleeping a few feet away. Hey it’s a chance for the teachers to stay up all night, play Rook and gossip about board members.
    Pathfinder camporees–ditto for adult counsellors. Stay up all night, play Rook, and gossip about church members!!
    And sadness here–I just found out that in California, potluck a are being outlawed by the board of health. One less thing to complain about—oh yeah, gossip about board members!

    1. Ray Kraft

      Wow, now Adventists can walk on the wild side now . . . and have potlucks even if they’re illegal . . . and just DARE the Potluck Police to throw them in jail!

      Don’t call it a “potluck” anymore . . . call it “Feeding the Hungry” . . . read Mathew 25 to the cop . . . and explain that you have Religous Freedom to follow your religious beliefs in spite of the law, you can cite Hobby Lobby.

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