Over-caffeinated Andrews seminarian thinks God crashed his car

The scene...
The scene…

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. — What was supposed to be a morning flaunt with a certain sinful caffeinated beverage turned into a lesson from God yesterday morning.

Felipe Sucre was already running late for his 8:30 a.m. seminary class, Christian Leadership, at Andrews University when he decided to stop by the local Dunkin Donuts to grab his usual — an Iced Caramel Latte (with extra whipped cream) and an old-fashioned cake donut.

But God had other plans.

“I knew what I was doing was wrong but so strong was my addiction to sin that I couldn’t stop myself. Fortunately, God stopped my behavior by not stopping my car.”

Sucre swears he pressed the brake pedal as he pulled into his parking spot, but his car accelerated instead and careened through the building.

Sucre didn’t make it to Christian Leadership that morning but he still experienced a teachable moment. “Sometimes God gives you a gentle nudge to fix your behavior, and sometimes he gives your car a shove into a building.”

When asked whether he plans to ever drink coffee again, Sucre simply shook his head while munching on a Boston Kreme.

Many thanks to Ally for submitting this story. Nobody was hurt in the accident depicted in the picture.

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  1. richard mills

    Hey, Brother Filipe-are you positive that it was the DD hot liquid with extra spoonfuls of sugar is to blame? Were you up late the night before doing other sinful acts? Were you also in violation of the health message concerning sleep & rest? The Man Up Stairs did the right thing. It could have been worse!! Next time, drink Roma with a few Little Debbies. At least you are financing the “work”. Get to bed on time, too!! Woe iz you, Filipe and me!!

  2. 7Upper

    Present Truth. A new health message. Coffee has recently been discovered to be good for you. So if Filipe can avoid dying in a car accident he will live longer. And his compatriots at Andrews can openly line up at Starbucks to drink the new (to Adventists) health elixir. Poor Ellen. She was wrong on so many things.

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