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Not many people outside of the denomination realize that Adventists come in all flavors and types. We're rainbow sherbet, not just raspberry sorbet (and yes, maybe we were a little hungry as we wrote this.) But no matter where you fall on the spectrum, everybody is welcome! (Note: There are sure to be more types than the ones presented here. Feel free to suggest more in the comments section.)

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Single, separated, divorced and widowed Adventists who want to change that status wanted.


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    1. Tom Portescu

      A warning to all fellow BA’ers: always read the fine print! I was taken to the emergency room last week. They handed me a stack of papers to sign. When I got better, I read them and discovered that I had “agreed” to give the hospital my car, my house, and my wife. If only I had read the fine print! I never would have agreed to give them my car and house!

    1. Hilarious Clinton

      Jews don’t recognize Jesus as the Messiah.
      Lutherans don’t recognize the Pope as head of the church.
      Baptists don’t recognize each other in the liquor store.
      Adventists don’t recognize each other in Walmart 1 minute after sunset on Friday evening.

  1. Steven J.

    How about: “Washington D.C. Adventist” = one who is so corrupt that he makes California Adventists look like saints.

    How about “Las Vegas Adventists” = no one knows for sure, because “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

  2. richard mills

    YO, BA- I am all of the 18 pix and yet I am none of the 18 pix. I’m sorta mixed up Adventist. Like the food at the Golden Corral, I like to pick & choose. Especially the desserts-Little Debbies with the chocolate fountain flowing all over the cakes. I have been to all 18 sites. Many of those SDA’s look familiar. Is there a Pathfinder Honor for all this stuff? I want one ASAP! Woe is me!!

  3. Kate

    Slide 15…Is that Margaret Gray from CA?

    Slide 2….I grew up getting a bath on Friday night; however these days I prefer to shower on Sabbath morning. I don’t need to haul water in nor warm it on a wood stove and I certainly don’t need to dump it outside when I am done. These things that were steps/work in Sister Ellen’s day.

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