Obama to teach kitesurfing at Camp Au Sable

Yes you can!
Yes you can!

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Mich. — Camp Au Sable signed an unlikely kitesurfing instructor this week.

Former President Barack Obama who has enjoyed his fair share of water sports since leaving office, accepted a job as an instructor at the camp.

Saying that there was nothing like an Adventist summer camp to take a mental break from the heavy realities of the real world, Obama said that he was excited to get in the water.

He added that he had never tasted Stripples or Big Franks before and that he anticipated “a lot of other firsts at Au Sable.”

He was not sure about how Secret Service would adjust to an all-vegetarian diet.

Obama waived his instructor’s stipend saying that he was writing a book and a few speeches that he was pretty sure would pay the bills.

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