Confused Annual Council leaders Google “What is gender equality?”

A bit late...
A bit late…

SILVER SPRING, Md. — Despite busy daily agendas Adventist leaders attending the Annual Council meetings at the General Conference headquarters of the church have dutifully filled downtime with some Googling. The search phrase most leaders admit to entering: “What is gender equality?”

Aya Yay, a long-time church executive admitted that although he spent almost as much of his downtime researching the best local chicken joints, the mystery of gender equality kept him the busiest.

Yay said that several of his colleagues claimed they had also Googled the term, “but none of us understand it and we don’t get what the fuss is about.”

He added that many of the Adventist young people he knows talk about “this gender equality thing but I still have no idea how it works or how it has anything to do with how the bretheren run the church.”

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  1. Dorothy Kromrei

    It is good to be together in conversation in unity with with love ❤️ for God and one another with respect for different points of view. “Unity in diversity” is a goal to be reached.

  2. Theo Cruise

    May be more truth than humor in this Silver Spring report! It truly would be news, if even a few members of the inner circle of power brokers really did have a grasp on either Gender Equity or Inclusiveness, as opposed to the current mantra of “Unity”!

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