Michigan Conference bans sex on Sabbath, says it’s work

LANSING, Mich. — Never a conference to shy away from taking a hard line on controversial issues, the Michigan Conference has officially banned sex on Sabbath among its membership. “Not only Read more […]

Adventists seek reasons to justify watching Bruce Jenner interview on Friday night

HINSDALE, Ill. —- Curiosity and anticipation ran high in the weeks preceding Diane Sawyer’s interview with former Olympian Bruce Jenner for millions of Americans, even Adventists. Although Read more […]

Superstitious Church leaders scrap 13th Sabbath tradition

SILVER SPRING, Md. — In a dramatic shift for the Adventist church, world leaders have decided to discontinue the practice of holding special offerings and communion on the last Saturday of each Read more […]

Slide Show: You know you’re at an Adventist church when…

Here are a few ways to help you figure out if you’ve wandered into an Adventist church. The #1 tip: If you’re up that early on a Saturday morning to go to church, you are most likely in an Adventist one. Read on for more helpful clues!

Slide Show: 9 signs you’re in for a long sermon

At some point(s), we’ve all had to sit through sermons that seemed to last forever. Here, some handy signs that enable you to spot when heavy winds are about to blow so you can sit in the back row and set sail early.