AV booth newbie hospitalized after pastor’s Sabbath death glare

Putting on a brave, pre-Service face...
Putting on a brave, pre-Service face…

CHICO, Calif.— Esplanade Seventh-day Adventist Church members have flocked to visit a fellow member who was hospitalized shortly after church yesterday.

Phied Bach, an AV booth volunteer, began experiencing nausea after being relieved of his duties mid-service.

On his first officially unaccompanied Sabbath, Bach’s beginner AV skills could not keep up with Senior Pastor Kafi Neighted’s energetic prancing onstage.

The result was what a longtime member described as “the longest 28-second mechanical screech in our church’s history.”

Pastor Neigted froze next to a large speaker and locked furious eyes with Bach, who frantically tried to kill the noise to no avail.

Bach stumbled from the booth moments later having been replaced by a more experienced volunteer.

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  1. Richard mills

    There is something unbiblical about this AV situation. Pastor Kafi needs retraining in theatrics SDA preachers need to preach not prance around the podium. Leave the entertainment to Hollywood, TV & Broadway.. Get
    A life.. Woe iz me..

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