Adventist Wendy’s Exec brings back haystacks to menu


DUBLIN, Ohio — Haystacks are back at Wendy’s thanks to the courageous actions of an Adventist product executive at the chain’s head office.

Noah Nanas, Director of Product Development at the fast food giant said that he felt convicted that bringing back this Adventist staple to the Wendy’s menu was his Christian duty.

The item had been banished from Wendy’s menu since its heyday in the 1990’s and Nanas said that “bringing back this tasty awesomeness is my way of giving back to the Adventist family.”

Asked why he didn’t go all the way and rename the taco salad as “haystacks,” Nanas said that neither Rome nor Silver Spring were built in a day.

Special thanks to RM Hodnett for the story idea.

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  1. Richieeeee Rich

    What I wanna know is will Wendy’s use non GMO, cage free, range free, non pesticide, non herbicide, non insecticide, peanut free, gluten free ingredients. If not, I gonna return to my wonderful Little Debbies. I know they are SDA tested, tried & true. I wash ’em down with fresh lemonade made with real sugar. Bless you , Little Debbie. Woe iz me!!

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