Adventist grandma arrested for “graffiti evangelism”

Out of the box...
Out of the box…

KEENE, Texas — Retired Southwestern Adventist University Communications Director Ventista Banxie was arrested this morning while spray-painting an abandoned building.

Despite the long-time evangelistic campaign volunteer’s explanation that she was “just trying to reach the young people in their language,” local police coaxed her down from her walker and into a squad car.

Banxie has yet to be formally charged with any crime related to what she, with a straight face, described to investigators as “graffiti evangelism.”

Police spokesperson Inge Merr said to reporters and a concerned group of Banxie’s children and grandchildren that she likely would soon be released with a warning.

“The police chief wants her to leave the police station,” said Merr, who claimed Banxie had taken advantage of her captive audience and was currently presenting session three of a seven-part prophecy series to a growing group of curious officers.

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  1. richard mills

    The first graffiti was God writing on the tables of stone. Would He be artrested in 2016? What about the unseen hand in Belshaazzer’s party? Looks like graffiti is Biblical!! Woe iz me!!

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