Adventists reminded they can never predict how long a sermon will last

Not knowing the day or the hour can get to the best of us.
Not knowing the day or the hour can get to the best of us.

WORLDWIDE — This Sabbath, Seventh-day Adventists around the world reminded each other that while it was natural to hope their pastors would end their sermons soon, it was a very bad idea to try to get more specific on timing.

“If anyone should know the fruitlessness of overly-specific predictions, it’s us,” said Adventist Analyst Jorge Dia. He advised Adventists to refrain from promising their children that the sermon would be over “in five minutes.”

Dia told Adventists that sneaking peeks at your phone to see the time doesn’t speed up the sermon.

“This world can feel like an awful place when your pastor drones on and on, and sometimes you may surrender to feelings of despair,” said Dia.

He reminded fellow Adventists that there was always a force stronger than a pastor’s will to keep talking: potluck.

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